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Dear Foreign Exhibitors!

German beers are famous throughout the world. The number of local breweries is unique, the quality and variety of speciality beers in this country is unmatched.

On the other side: While other countries since decades (!) enjoy prospering beer specialty markets, a lively public exchange and spectacular national festivals like Stockholm, Copenhagen and Denver, there simply used to be no equivalent to all this in Germany.

As a result, German beers and brewers are celebrated like rockstars elsewhere – but hardly known to a broader public in their own country.

This is not only a funny anachronism: this is totally unacceptable. Our mission is to contribute to a substantial change!

We proved once that we can lead a festival to the very top: by making the FINEST SPIRITS Festival become a cult event, the biggest consumer festival for premium spirits in GER / AUT / SUI and, thus, one of the big shows of this kind in the world.

Based on a broad experience, a proven track record and supported by important breweries and beer associations, we staged the premiere of “Braukunst Live! Festival” in Munich in April 2012.

The first big festival for beer specialties and craft brewers in Germany saw…:

  • 2.500 visitors,
  • 52 overall exhibitors,
  • 41 breweries from 6 different countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, UK),
  • best ratings from visitors and exhibitors alike.

In the film below we let the “market” speak: if brewers AND visitors display enthusiastic reactions, you as a potential foreign exhibitor can be sure of three things:

  • These feedbacks are robust statements by German opinion leaders  – no made-up public relations.
  • You’ll meet not only public audience of an excellent quality – but also meet in person essential parts of the creme de la creme of the German speaking craft beer scene.
  • There is something going on over here: Stand right at the cradle of (and actively shape!) the German craft beer market that many now guess won’t take long to develop….because time is ripe.

That said: It would be great to welcome you in Munich in 2013. For further information contact us under  info (at) finest-spirits.com !